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Vegh is the tertiary antagonist of Fast and Furious 6. Vegh is a member of Shaw's team and his right-hand woman and henchman.


We first meet Vegh during the Flip Car chase when she and Owen Shaw are driving Flip Cars through town being pursued by police and the Furious gang. She appears in many other scenes in the film. She appears for the final time in the ending fight sequence. A flip-car is seen speeding off the helicopter and the driver is Vegh. She chases Brian and the two have a brief chase/fight sequence in cars eventually leading to Vegh's death as she flips her car away.


  • Vegh is one of the few female villains to appear in the franchise. Others are Riley Hicks, Kara, and Gisele and Letty before their redemption. There are also a few others.


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