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You'll be seeing red by the time I'm done with you!
~ Vega
The heart and soul are meaningless to me. I believe only in beauty."
~ Vega

Vega (Balrog in Japan) is one of the four "kings" of Shadaloo and a villain in the Street Fighter series. He thinks he is the most beautiful man in the world.


Vega is a Spanish noble, who was born to a beautiful mother and an ugly stepfather. As he grew up, Vega began showing an interest in bullfighting, which was a national sport. After becoming a skilled matador (bullfighter), he traveled to Japan to learn ninjutsu, a fighting style which he believed mixed well with his natural grace and speed.

Before long he joined an underground fighting circuit, and quickly became a renowned fighter. But tragedy struck when Vega's stepfather murdered his wife, believing that she did not respect him. This event took place before Vega's eyes, causing him to snap from the trauma. He killed his stepfather and lived a dual life: honorable nobleman by day, sadistic murderer by night.


Vega is a headstrong, manipulative, and uncompromising narcissist, believing that he is above all other people because of his beauty. He hates anything ugly, and will kill anyone he deems "imperfect" without hesitation. He is also notably sadistic, traitorous, vituperative, and psychotic, so he loves to torture his victims and the sight of blood. Therefore, he tends to prolong his fights, just for the mere pleasure of watching his enemies suffer.

His narcissism drives him to wear a mask over his face in combat. Not to hide his identity, but to protect his "perfect" face from any scarring or bruising. He is a very formal and authoritative person and enjoys classical music, particularly orchestrated strings and Spanish guitar.


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