My name is Mustafa al Bacterius. I am inside the brain of Muriel. I have come a great distance to sabotage your mission. You humans are not satisfied with messing with your own planet, you feel the need to mess with space also. Well, if the sun wants to fizzle, let it. We like it dark. So, get a flashlight and some D cells, cause it's lights out, space clowns!
~ Mustafa al Bacterius, speaking through Muriel, introducing himself to Courage

Mustafa al Bacterius.

Mustafa al Bacterius is a villain from Courage the Cowardly Dog episode, "Mission to the Sun."

He was voiced by the late Arnold Stang.

When Courage, Eustace, and Muriel are sent into space to prevent the sun from going out, Bacterius enters their spaceship and Muriel's body. Once inside, he begins playing with the controls of Muriel's brain and making her do things like beating up Eustace and say nonsensical things. He also cuts Eustace's line when he is outside the ship trying to get his hat back from it falling into the space toilet. While doing this, he damages the controls which allows him to completely take control of Muriel's body. He then rips out the wires of the spaceship which causes the computer to malfunction. He fights Courage, who tries different methods to extract him from Muriel's brain. Nothing works, until Muriel is flung headfirst into the ship's toilet, which sucks Bacterius out of Muriel's head and sends him flying into space. After Courage and Muriel fix the sun and are reunited with Eustace (who had also been sent flying into space from Bacterius cutting his line), the three of them have a picnic on Mars. Suddenly, Eustace begins shouting nonsense and the inside of his head is shown, revealing that Bacterius is controlling him now. He looks at the camera and says "I have not yet begun to fight," and laughs as the episode ends. At face value, Mustafa al Bacterius appears to be just another Courage the Cowardly Dog villain. However, when one actually stops to think about his actions, he could actually be considered one of the worst villains on the show. If the sun were to go out, then life would not be able to exist, so Bacterius is trying to indirectly kill everything in the solar system.