The Varox are antagonists from the franchise, Power Rangers. Unrivaled in the Zedron quadrant, the Varox are a race of deadly mechanical Bounty Hunters, who do not stop until they get their target. The Varox entered our Galaxy ns pursuit of the Gold Ranger, who's powers were useless against them.

When the Rangers rallied to protect the Gold Ranger, the Varox engaged a differnt tactic- they decided to destroy Pyramidas instead. The Varox chased the Pyramid throughout the Galaxy, utimatly shooting it down over the oceans of Aquitar.

The Varox were deadly in combat, and were able to fire fireballs from their hands. The Varox have access to small fighter craft, which are capable of planetery and space travel.


The Varox sought the powers of Pyramidas and the Gold Ranger. In pursuit of the Gold Rager, a particular Varox named Borax landed on Earth looking for him. When he learned that he had a common enemy with King Mondo, he joined forces with him. Mondo promised Borax the Ranger's power if he helped Mondo bring about the Ranger's destruction. Unfortunately for Borax, he ended up being destroyed by the Zeo Megazord instead.

The remaining Varox later pursued the Gold Ranger on their own at a time when he was piloting Pyramidas. They managed to hit it with a laser that sent it into Aquitar. With their mission considrered a success, the Varox left and were never seen again.