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Vardan is a talking wolf and a minor antagonist in the book (as an unnamed wolf) and film The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

He was voiced by Jim May.


During the Long Winter in Narnia, Vardan was one of the many followers of Jadis the White Witch. He was a member of the Witch's Secret Police led by Maugrim, and likely his second-in-command.

He first appears when the wolves went after the Penvensie kids at the Beaver's home on the Witch's orders. However, the Pevensies fled and the wolves followed and eventually tracked them down to Aslan's Camp. He and Maugrim attacked the Pevensies but he was restrained by Aslan and was force to witness Maugrim getting killed by Peter.

Aslan then allows Vardan to escape and he reported to the Witch everything that had happened. As such, the Witch angrily ordered Vardan to gather her grand army so they can fight Aslan's army. However, unknown to her and Vardan, several of Aslan's soldiers were following Vardan, which allowed them to rescue Edward from the Witch's grasp.

It is unknown what happened to Vardan after the Witch was killed by Aslan during the final battle between the Witch's armies and Aslan's armies.

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