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Vanilla Ice is a villain from the third arc of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Stardust Crusaders.


Nothing is known about Vanilla Ice's past, who appears as one of Dio Brando's right hands, alongside Terence T. D'Arby and Kenny G.. Unlike every other of Dio's minions, Vanilla Ice is shown to be fanatically loyal to his master. He first appears informing Dio about Terence's defeat, so Dio invites him to his room. In their conversation, Dio says that even though Terence pledged loyalty to him, he was not ready to die for him and because of this was defeated. He then asks Vanilla Ice if he would willingly offer his blood to cure Dio's wounds, to which he responds by drawing a urn nearby and decapitating himself. Pleased, Dio uses his own blood to restore Vanilla Ice, reviving him as a vampire and entrusting him to defeat the heroes.

As Avdol, Polnareff and Iggy invade the mansion, they make through the apparent maze inside, and track down a stand user nearby. Iggy is able to smell and attack Kenny G., who had been hiding in a wall, after which the maze is revealed to be a illusion created by him. Despite his quick defeat, Kenny G's illusion distracts the trio long enough for Vanilla Ice to approach them, which Avdol only notices after reading a carving in the wall. With little time to react, Avdol shoves the others away before being obliterated by Ice's void form. Polnareff and Iggy attempt to escape, running around the mansion while Ice gives chase. Instead of fleeing the mansion, however, they climb the stairs to the above room, but Ice simply takes a shortcut using his power and cuts off Polnareff's foot so he wouldn't be able to run.

Polnareff uses his stand to break the objects in the room, which gives him and Iggy a opportunity to hide. Dio then appears and chastises Vanilla Ice for making so much noise, proceeding to attack him. However, this Dio was actually a fake created by Iggy's stand, which Ice notices and destroys. Vanilla Ice then suddenly gets pissed off at Iggy merely for having defiled the image of his master, so he punches the dog and proceeds to brutally kick him to vent his anger. Polnareff attempts to help Iggy, but Ice once again turns into void, so he uses Iggy's sand, scattering it around the room so he could track down Vanilla Ice's movement. When Ice appears again to look, Polnareff stabs him, piercing his head with his stand's sword, but Vanilla Ice survives the attack due to having become a vampire and breaks Polnareff's arm.

At this point Vanilla Ice returns to his void form and starts a spiral trajectory, which Polnareff would be unable to escape. Before Polnareff is obliterated, Iggy uses the last of his strength to save him but dies shortly after. When Vanilla Ice returns, Polnareff finally realizes Vanilla Ice became a vampire, so he breaks the wall in order for the sunlight to fill it and taunts Vanilla Ice, who rushes at him only to be disintegrated.


Vanilla Ice's stand, Cream, swallows it's user and itself, turning into a sphere of void which obliterates anything on it's path. Despite being invincible while in this void form, Vanilla Ice is unable to see, having to return and look to aim his attacks.

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