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Vanessa, you're a Fembot!

No shit Sherlock!

~ Austin and Vanessa
Vanessa Kensington was a spy working for British Intelligence and Austin Powers' wife in Austin Powers:
Vanessa Kensington
International Man of Mystery
and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. In The Spy Who Shagged Me, it is revealed that Vanessa is a Fembot. She is portrayed by Elizabeth Hurley.

The Spy Who Shagged Me

After getting married in International Man of Mystery, Austin and Vanessa spent their honeymoon in a honeymoon suite. Austin noticed that Vanessa has been acting strange after they had sex and decided to watch In Like Flint. Pressing some buttons on a remote, he notices Vanessa acting strange and she grabs Austin's throat. Austin tears out Vanessa's face to find out that she is a Fembot. Vanessa then tries to kill Austin Powers with her "machine gun jubliees." Austin hides behind a table and uses his penis enlarger to surrender. Vanessa self-destructed after Austin's surrender with Austin grieving over the basis that Vanessa was a fembot. He gets over it when he realizes that he is single again. 


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