Vandy the Very Very Villainous Vandal is the main antagonist of the Letter People episode "Meet Mister V". À la Zorro, he vandalizes by placing letter Vs on any words that start with the same sound that starts "Violet Velvet Vest". First, Misters V and B find Vs on vegetables, then a violin, and then a volleyball (though Mister B mistakes it for a basketball). He had even, as spoken of by a radio announcer, vandalized vitamins, a volcano, Valentines, and people named Veronica, Valerie, and Vernon (to their unhappiness). He'd last been seen vandalizing Vladimir the Village Vulture.

Later, Mister B and Mister V look, and Mister B plans to get the vandal's autograph. Mister V then, upon finding the vandal, asks him to put his mark on a vase, vinegar, and another set of Valentines. Mister B compliments Vandy's voice on the radio, and then he asks Vandy to put his mark on something of his: a baseball, but it turns out that he'd fooled Vandy because "baseball" does not start with the same sound that starts "Violet Velvet Vest", so it ruins his career. Mister V suggests something Vandy do something, after the word "van" is shown: Never mark anything again. Instead, he suggests he removes his marks because it isn't right to mark up what is not his. Therefore, Vandy pays for his vandalism, but not before Mister V and Mister B (the latter of whom enjoys the Vs on his baseball) treat him to vanilla ice cream cones.