Heather Vandergeld and Megan Vandergeld also known as The Vandergeld Sisters are villains in the 2004 buddy cop comedy movie White Chicks.

They are rivals of the sisters Brittany and Tiffany Wilson for the cover of Hampton Magazine. Kevin and Marcus Copeland met the two disguised as the Wilson Sisters in the Hampton Hotel. They delivered each other a yo mama insult with the Copelands winning the showdown. Heather had her boyfriend Marcus try to ruin Copeland's time at the beach. Their joy in ruining their time went away when Marcus threw the football back at Marcus, injuring them.

They later challenged Wilsons sisters' friends into dance off. Just when they were about to win, the Copelands entered the dance floor and embarassed the Vandergeld sisters. After they were kicked out of the pageant, Heather and Megan tried to sabotage the fashion show. Their plan was discovered by Tori, Karen and Lisa who knocked into the stage and covered in red paint.