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The Vancome Lady

The Vancome Lady

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Shaaa... Ya know what? Ugh-ugh!
~ The Vancome Lady's famous quote.

The Vancome Lady (real name: Kathleen "Kathy" Wajonowski) is the most self-absorbed, contemptuous, despicable, mean, cynical, bigoted, rude woman with a gaudy appearance (even though the character did not originally have extreme make-up, hair, or clothes) and she is the very first MADtv recurring character, appearing twice in the show's 1st episode. She takes her name from Lancôme cosmetics and the fact that she once worked at a make-up counter in a fashionable department store. She also crushingly insults every character she comes into contact with, her insults often resembling the jokes of insult comics in the tradition of Don Rickles or Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

She was portrayed by Nicole Sullivan whose also most popular and favorite character in the show is the Vancome Lady herself.


The Vancome Lady moves frequently, and has a different job in each sketch, because she alienates everyone around her. When being fired, she thanks her male employer for "letting me sleep with you" and exits, leaving her ashamed boss behind. In one skit, the Vancome Lady does not have any notable job, instead being a rude neighbor handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, insulting them and their parents until being run out of town by an angry mob just like in the previous towns that she lived in.

The Vancome Lady's well-known catch phrases are "Tcha... you know what? Uh-uh!" (in one sketch, the Vancome Lady was even a host of a gameshow called "Tcha, Ya Know What?"), "La la la..." and "Christmas on a cracker".

In one skit, the Vancome Lady trades insults with another recurring MadTV character Marvin Tikvah, until they find out that they both enjoy hurting people. Marvin offers the Vancome Lady an ideal place to work: Fox. While in another sketch, titled "Planet of The Vancome Ladies" (a parody of Planet of the Apes), the Vancome Lady reappears, revealing that she has been in suspended animation, and her sketches have gained cult-like status due to her being still alive and popularity by the future civilization long after the cancellation of MADtv.



  • The Vancome Lady appeared in seasons 1-6 and 9, and appeared 25 times during the run of MADtv.

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