Rest in peace, 'hero.'
~ Van Zant before shooting Mr. Satan

Van Zant is a deranged gunman who is responsible for the creation of Pure Evil Majin Boo. He and his friend Smitty were terrorizing cities and killing innocent people.


As Van Zant knew that Majin Boo was going to blow up the earth and decided he would do everything he wanted to do in his life, like murder. He eventually decided to kill Boo himself so he could have all the victims to himself. Arriving at Boo's house with Smitty, Van Zant shot Boo's puppy dog Bee. Mr. Satan beat him up, but he returned and shot the martial arts champion. Boo healed them both, but after Satan/Hercule was shot and Boo healed him, his evil side left him in the form of the steam that comes from his head whenever he gets angry, and took physical form of Pure Evil Majin Boo. The first thing that Pure Evil Boo did was go after Van Zant, who attempted to shoot him. But the bullets did not harm him, and Pure Evil Boo destroyed the evil gunman with an energy wave. He was not revived when the humans were resurrected with the Namekian Dragon Balls since it was specifically asked that only good people could come back. He was named after former Lynyrd Skynyrd singer, Ronnie van Zant.



  • Van Zant has a confirmed body count of 42 people. As he killed an old lady, talked Smitty into killing her husband, and killed 40 people in the town they shot up, but it is unknown how many people Smitty killed other than the old man.
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