Ivan Vampiro

Vampolfo/Ivan in the animated version

Vampolfo (Vampiro "Ivan" II in the animated version)  is the main antagonist of the Monica's Gang episode, Um Amor Dentuço. He is a vampire boy who want to transform Monica into a vampire to make her his fiancé.


Vampolfo originally was a lonely vampire. In one of his night flights he saw Monica chasing Jimmy Five and Smudge after being provoked by them, when he see Monica for the first time he falls for her. Seeing Monica get tired during the chase and he appears to help using his dark powers to possess the minds of Jimmy Five and Smudge and scares them.

Then Vampolfo bites the Monica's hand pretending to be kissing, thus poisoning Monica for her to transforms into a vampire. However Jimmy Five, Smudge and Maggy are the ones who discover that Ivan is a vampire and that Monica is in danger.

Jimmy, Smudge and Maggy join forces and try to save Monica of Vampolfo, but all their attempts to defeat Vampolfo fail miserably. However he is defeated when Monica beat in him to saving his friends of Vampolfo. Ivan goes away sad, and Monica along her friends manage to escape his mansion.