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Vampirus was a recurring vampire-like monster that appeared in season 3 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and served Rita Repulsa and Lord Zedd.

He first appeared in the Ninja Quest arc as a wedding gift to Rita and Zedd from Rito Revolto. When Rito destroyed the rangers' zords and their powers, they had to travel to Ninjor's Temple and acquire his ninja powers. Rito also brought an army of Tenga warriors, waiting to hatch. When they did, Vampirus had not hatched yet and Zedd decided to have the Tengas leave the egg outside Ninjor's temple and have it attack it when hatched. When it awoke, it lured Ninjor out and attempted to destroy him but failed. Rita and Zedd then made Vampirus grow and Ninjor grew as well and fought him in his zord mode. The Rangers arrived with their new ninja zords and Vampirus was destroyed by the Ninja Falconzord.

Vampirus returned in Part 1 of Kimberly's departure arc. Zedd sent Goldar, the Tengas, Vampirus and Artistmole to various parts of town in order to separate the rangers. Tommy and Kimberly went after Goldar and several Tengas, Billy and Adam went after another group of Tengas and Rocky and Aisha were left to fight Vampirus and Artistmole. Vampirus was likely defeated by the two rangers. It made a brief cameo, arriving in a limo to Master Vile's end of the world party. It made its final appearance in Countdown to Destruction where it was part of Rita and Zedd's army and seen attacking the Gold Ranger. It was likely destroyed by Zordon's energy wave.