Vampire Woman

The unnamed Vampire Woman was a villainess in "Night Prey" from the 3rd and final season episode of Friday the 13th:  The Series.

She was seen leaving with an unnamed man late a night and walking down a nearby alley, unaware that she was being followed by vampire hunter Evan Van Hellier. The Vampire Woman makes out with her date, accidentally biting his bottom lip in the process. After the make-out session continues, the villainous Vampire Woman flashes her fangs and bites his neck, draining him in the process. She is accosted by Van Hellier, who holds up a cross to keep her at bay. The Vampire Woman lunges after him, but she ends up falling on Van Hellier's wooden stake, which kills her.



  • She was portryed by Jill Hennessy, who made four appearances on the short-lived series. Hennessy only portrayed a villainess in "Night Prey".