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A Vampire Bat

Vampire Bats
are a common theme in fantasy, horror and other forms of fiction - they are based loosely on the real-life animal (which is harmless to humans) as well as the ancient belief in the undead vampire.

Vampire Bats may either be an alternate-form of a vampire and share their weaknesses and strengths or they may instead be envisioned as larger or more aggressive versions of the animal mentioned above.

Vampire Bats in fiction often seek out humans as prey and will viciously attack, often becoming entangled in their victims hair - a common myth that is shared by all bat species (despite echolocation making such events extremely rare).

Vampire Bites will attempt to drink their victims blood and will almost always aim for the neck, despite this their attacks are rarely lethal and instead terrifying their victims half to death and injure them - if the Vampire Bat is an alternate form of a vampire the victim may be transformed into a vampire afterwards (akin to the myth of the werewolf).

Vampire Bats are depicted as fearing bright light and only ever coming out at night - they can range from fist-sized pests to colossal monsters (though such gigantic specimens would need an unusually high supply of blood to function).

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