Vampaneze are the antagonists of The Saga of Darren Shan book series and make their first appearance in the third book "Tunnels of Blood". They are the archenemy of vampires.

The vampaneze used to be vampires but left after Desmond Tiny introduced the role of Vampire Princes, as they did not agree with the introduction and harboured a desire to kill their victims rather than just feed on their blood like the other vampires. The vampaneze believed that feeding on someone would cause a portion of that person's soul would live in them.

Like vampires, Vampaneze have the ability to blood people and make them into half-vampaneze.


Vampaneze have a human appearance but with light purple skin and red hair and eyes which is the result of drinking blood in larger amount than normal Vampires(though half-vampaneze lack this). Strangely, in the movie adaptation, they dont appear to have red eyes and hair or purple skin.

Behavior and Code

While seemingly more savage, Vampaneze are usually as sane as Vampires and fight with honor, just like them. They hate leadership but will accept it if it means the end of them if they don't, although they do it grudgingly. Also, a vampaneze must always tell the truth otherwise he/she will be tracked down and be killed by other Vampaneze.

According to Crepsley, Vampaneze are traditionalists when hunting. When they have fully chosen their next victim, they sneak into their houses and mark them with their nails by making three small scratches on their victim's left cheek when they're asleep, and follow them to kill them. They are also behind the false myth about vampires not being able to enter a house unless invited. The story behind it is that the Vampaneze almost never kill humans at home; they prefer to kill their prey outside, and then hide, or dispose of the bodies or hide the wounds to make their death look accidental.

Known Vampaneze

  • Steve Leonard -Half-Vampaneze and Vampaneze Lord (deceased)
  • Murlough (deceased)
  • R.V. (deceased)
  • Darrius Shan - Half-Vampaneze (formerly), Half-Vampire (currently)