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VamMi is a villain in Ninja turtles; Next Mutation.

Next Mutation

VamMi was a female vampire that was over ten thousand year old. He lived in China and was asleep for a real long time after she was defeated and had her heart torn out by Chung I. Before Venus was around, Chung I trapped Vam Mi and took her heart away. Bing and Chi Chu reawakened her using a magic potion which would last only four days, after which Vam Mi would be reduced to ashes She craved for her heart back and traveled to New York to retrieve it from Venus. The turtle had no idea that the herb she has been carrying around was really Vam Mi's heart. After repeated failed attempts, in desperation Vam Mi summoned the Elemental vampire and asked to be transported to the Turtles's sewer home. Venus however learned of her plan beforehand by communicating with Vam Mi's heart. Knowing what she planed the Turtles set a fatal trap for her. When she appeared in their lair it was directly beneath a manhole and Michelangelo quickly removed the cover to let in the sunlight. Vam Mi sreamed and tried to turn away but the remaining Turtles surrounded her with mirrors and sunlight was reflected onto her from all directions. Unable to escape she begged the Turtles to stop but to no avail. They continued to direct the light at the now helpless vampire until she was finally destroyed, leaving behind a pile of ash.

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