Vallug Bowbeast

Vallug Bowbeast is an anthropomorphic ferret and one of the main villains in the Redwall series book, The Taggerung.

Vallug was a member of the evil Juska tribe and one of Sawney Rath's top assassins. He was an extremely skilled archer who could pick off a dragonfly in mid-air. Vallug was a sturdy, stolid ferret who didn't speak much, but was very cunning and brutal.

Vallug murdered the otter Rillflag with an arrow to the heart so that Sawney Rath could take Rillflag's infant son to be the Juska's warrior-messiah, the Taggerung. When the baby otter Tagg grew up, he rebelled and ran away from the Juska, and Vallug was one of the nine vermin warriors sent after him. Vallug had set up a shaky partnership with the devious weasel Eefera, and together they split from the main group and hunted down Tagg themselves. They tracked him to Redwall Abbey, the otter's real home, and demanded that the Redwallers give them the Taggerung. Vallug wounded a couple of Redwallers and accidentally killed the resident badgermum, Cregga, with a stray arrow. When Tagg, who was inside the Abbey, knew that the vermin were outside, he broke out and grabbed the closest weapon; the sword of Martin. He charged outside and attacked Vallug and Eefera, and Vallug fired an arrow into his chest, but the injury didn't stop him and he beheaded the Bowbeast in one swing.