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Valgard is a changeling and the main antagonist of Paul Andersson's novel The Broken Sword. It is set during Medieval times when elves coexist with humans. One of the elves, Imric, doesn't think much of humans being in England and so he makes a troll female conceive a son, Valgard, who Imric puts in human society and kidnaps the real child Skafloc, who Imric raises as an elf. Valgard takes over the human society and he becomes their dictator. Valgard also learns of his ancestry as a troll offspring and he allies with the trolls to defeat elves and humans. Skafloc learns of his past and that he is in fact human rather than an elf, and he goes to the giant smith to forge an ancient sword which was broken in the troll wars. Skafloc and Valgard both fight each other and eventually end up both killing one another.