373px-Valerian Scarlet
Valerien Scarlet is the secondary antagonist of the "Vibora Bay Apocalypse" storyarc in Champions Online, the right-hand servant of the fallen angel Therakiel and a villain with one of the highest death-counts in any mission (though she is still dwarved by Doctor Destroyer or other extreme mass-murderers).

Valerien Scarlet is also notable as being one of a relatively few number of antagonists in the game who starts as a seeming friend - only to reveal herself as a traitor and openly mocks the player for trusting her.

During the events of the Apocalypse Valerien personally kills several prominent heroes and leads many of Therakiel's legions on their destructive rampage across the world.

She is both Caliburn's archenemy and his lover, though he sees her as one of the most vile humans on the planet - which, given her role as the Herald of Therakiel, may be true..