Valerie Malone is the main antagonist on Beverly Hills 90210 season 5 through the middle of season 9. Valerie is the ultimate bad girl you should never trust. Valerie was born in Minneapolis Minnesota and raised in Buffalo New York. Her father killed himself right in front of her, she never talk about it. She also been estranged by her mother for a long time about that incident. Around season 7, Valerie told her mother about his father secret that he raped her for a long time and in the middle of season 9 she killed her father by self defense. Valerie used to be like Kelly Taylor back in season 1 and 2 where she was the mean girl on the show. Valerie is like any other girl who comes to Hollywood and wants the have the same life as Paris Hilton has. She wants to have lots of money, go shopping and go to nightclubs and have sex with the hottest guys in the world. She spent most of the series having sex with all the male leads on the show like Dylan McKay, Steve Sanders, David Silver, Ray Pruit, Noah Hunter, Colin Robbins and Kenny Bannerman. The only guy that Valerie can't seduce was Brandon Walsh. She and Kelly Taylor ongoing feud for the whole series. She also made enemies out of Donna Martin a few times before they call it truce. She spent most of the series having sex with hot guys who are unavailable and hot. She also was the one who made Brandon leave Kelly in the altar in their wedding.