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   Valentias is the main antagonist from Matthew Dooley's "The sword of Crotone". He suceeds into beating Aquilus to Vulcan's magic sword and becomes a god but foolishly forgets to wish for flight thus ending in his defeat or presumed death.


He is a Roman soldier missing an eye and wears clothes unlike any other in 117 A.D. When he wished to be a god he grew to 10 feet tall and his eye grew back. He also possesed incredible strength but he may have forgotten to wish for Immortality.

Powers and Abilities

He has the ability to survive explosions and can manipulate people into getting his wish. He has multiple weapons including a sword, a hammer, a torch, and a bow and arrow. He is also fairly forgetful as he forgets to wish for flight when using the magic sword. He is extremely powerful in his god form and has the ability to heal himself.

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