Is conquest truly the best course for our people?
~ Valdore, asking the question that got him expelled from the Senate/

Valdore i'Kaleh tr'Ihaimehn was a Romulan male who lived during the 22nd century. A Romulan Senator he went into the military and became an Admiral. 

He is portrayed by ??? 

As a Senator Valdore questioned the Romulan Star Empire's quest for unlimited expansion across the galaxy. He was cast out of the Senate and nearly executed before his colleague Vrax intervened on his behalf. Afterward, Valdore vowed to never forget his duty as a soldier of the Empire.

By the 2150s the Romulans became aware of a new presence in the galaxy, that being the humans. The Empire grew concerned when the humans were able to forge partnerships and alliances with the other species in the area - such as Andorians, Tellarites, and Vulcans. Valdore and his chief scientist kidnapped an Aenar and forced him to pilot drone ships that had holographic disguise systems. These systems allowed the drones to assume the appearance of other vessels, and they were used to destabilize relations between a number of species.

This first Romulan effort was defeated due to the crew of the Enterprise. Both Valdore and Vrax were stripped of rank and imprisoned for several months following this debacle. Valdore was eventually freed and restored to the rank of Admiral by First Counsel T'Leikha due to Empire feeling the need to challenge the new Coalition of Planets that had arisen. Valdore also saw to it that Vrax was freed.

Valdore led the Romulan military effort during the war against Earth and its allies over the next several years. However, even he felt that some of the tactics - such as ramming planets at high warp speeds - were going too far and were nothing better than the wholesale slaughter of innocents. This did not deter him from his duty, and for the next several years under his direction, the Empire nearly brought humanity to its knees.

The Romulan Empire suffered a stunning reversal at the Battle of Cheron, where the Vulcans, Tellarites, and Andorians helped an Earth fleet deliver a crushing blow to the Romulans. Valdore ordered his forces to retreat back to the homeworld, and the Romulan leadership sued for peace.

Valdore supported the efforts of Romulan Praetor Karzan in the peace negotiations that followed the war. A pragmatist, he saw the benefits of the Neutral Zone behind which the Romulans could lick their wounds and regain their strength for another war against the Federation. However, he was assassinated by T'Leikha a short time after the Battle of Cheron.

In the 24th century, Valdore's memory was cherished by the Romulan people. They honored the man who nearly defeated humanity and their allies by naming a new warbird after him. This ship assisted the Enterprise in defeating Shinzon.