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Care for the taste of my pie?
~ Valdine Wingfield's famous quote.

Valdine Wingfield is the self-centered mother of Josephine "Jo" Wingfield, wife of Walter Wingfield and the secondary antagonist of the 2001 comedy movie Say It Isn't So.

She was portrayed by Sally Field who later played Reverend J.D. Gospel's minion Miss Shaylock in Little Evil.


Valdine Wingfield is a local citizen of the small town of Shelbyville, Indiana along with her husband Walter who had 2 strokes, and her daughter Jo whom she nicknamed "Jo-Jo". She manipulated Jo by saying her boyfriend Gilbert "Gilly" Noble was her biological brother and got her daughter into becoming engaged with her multimillionaire ex-boyfriend Jack Mitchelson who first fed private investigator Detective Vic Vetter false information about Gilly with the help of Valdine who wanted to be rich.

16 months later, Gilly learns the surprising truth from Leon Pitofsky who is both Valdine and Walter Wingfield's real long lost son and soon escaped to Beaver, Oregon where Jo and Jack are. Valdine then called the local Beaver police department and she deceptively reported to them about Gilly's "crime" as they later put up wanted posters of Gilly as a sexual predator before she along with Walter and Leon moved to Beaver, Oregon (only with them at the Mitchelson estate and Leon at the Eager Beaver Lodge Motel) to prevent Gilly from stopping the wedding.

After his failed attempt to tell Jo the truth when he displays a sign with the message "JO! I'M NOT YOUR BROTHER! MARRY ME!" across the sky from a plane owned by his friend Dig McCalfrey before Gilly is arrested and sent to an insane asylum called the Beaver State Mental Care Facilty—after the word "NOT" is ripped off by a nearby tree as they take off in Dig's plane. Dig returned to help him to escape with the aid of pancake-loving mental patient Mr. Campisi. While Gilly tried to tell Jo the truth about her mother's deception and failed before being knocked unconscious by Streak, one of Jack's henchmen, Mr. Campisi found Dig in a dryer machine after their unsuccessful attempt to capture Leon.

Later at the Mitchelson estate during an afterparty following the wedding, while Jack cowardly and quickly left the party in order to flee the police and avoid going to prison, the Beaver police including Sheriff Merle Hobbs, and Officer Gina whom he had an affair with behind Jo's back, arrived and showed the ashes of Gilly (which is actually the ashes of Streak killed by Leon) and they have Leon in custody due to his involvement in a car crash that killed Streak. Jo's father Walter after breaking away the chains Valdine wrapped around him, reveals to the entire townspeople at the wedding party the truth he and his wife have hidden from Jo about Leon because they both wanted Jack's money, and Jack who set the whole thing up because he wanted her all to himself. The frustrated Valdine attacked Leon and suffered a stroke in the end.

Since after everything that happened and her first stroke, Valdine felt horrible that she realized she ruined her daughter's happiness and attended the wedding of Jo and Gilly with her husband Walter now taking care for her.


Part 1

I just don't know why you're doin' this anyway.
~ Valdine Wingfield
Cookin' dinner for this fella. You oughta be fixin' dinner for Jack. You know, the man who wants to marry you, not some dogcatcher who makes 18 grand a year and comes home smellin' like cat piss every night.
~ Valdine Wingfield to Jo Wingfield.
Well of course, I'll be polite. Of course, I'll be polite. Gosh!
~ Valdine Wingfield
Jack called again today. I've talked to him for a long time. he asked me why did you leave him. Now I wish you would tell him because for the life of me I can't make any sense out of it.
~ Valdine Wingfield to Jo about Jack Mitchelson.
Are you listening to me?
~ Valdine Wingfield
You listen to me now. Good men are few and far between in this world. When you find yourself a keeper, the way I found your sweet pa out there, then you grab the hold of him and you treat him the way h wants to be treated.
~ Valdine Wingfield to her daughter Jo.
What is it, Gimpy?
~ Valdine Wingfield to Walter Wingfield.
Now look, you curb your language or I'm gonna take this Voc-A-Lator 3000 right back to WalMart, you hear me? Jeez!
~ Valdine Wingfield to Walter Wingfield.
I bet you were. You just had a stroke. Do you wanna have another one? I just want you to stay calm.
~ Valdine Wingfield to Walter Wingfield.
Come on, have some more.
~ Valdine Wingfield
You probably don't eat this well very often, not on your salary.
~ Valdine Wingfield to Gilly Noble.
So Willy, what do they pay ya down there for gassin' strays?
~ Valdine Wingfield, calling Gilly Noble "Willy".
What do ya do, hit 'em with a bat? Hahahaha!
~ Valdine Wingfield
Sounds foolproof.
~ Valdine Wingfield
Suit yourself. I'm gonna have a slice.
~ Valdine Wingfield
You gotta understand!
~ Valdine Wingfield
I just had little Jo and we were strapped for cash. And I found out I was pregnant again, with you!
~ Valdine Wingfield to Gilly Noble.
Old R2D2 couldn't keep it in his pants back than! And now he can't even wipe his own ass!
~ Valdine Wingfield about Walter Wingfield.
I just didn't know how I was gonna feed everybody. And you were such a hungry child. I figured the best thing to do was to give you away, you know, to someone who wouldn't resent you for your burden.
~ Valdine Wingfield to Gilly Noble.
I mean, one of you had to go and Jo was already housebroke.
~ Valdine Wingfield to both Gilly Noble and Jo Wingfield.
I know how difficult this must be for you. But just think how lucky you are that you found out before it was too late, before you got married and consummated this forbidden relationship.
~ Valdine Wingfield (lying to both Gilly and Jo that they were both biological siblings).
Sweet Lord. You ponied your sister.
~ Valdine Wingfield
What? I'm busy.
~ Valdine Wingfield

Part 2

You want a lot of salt?
~ Valdine Wingfield
Yes! Yes! Sweet Jesus! The Wingfields have arrived!
~ Valdine Wingfield
♪Uh-huh! Uh-huh! I'm rich! I'm rich! Uh-huh!♪♪ Dunk it down! Oh yeah! Come on, Baby! Come on!
~ Valdine Wingfield
Hush up, Droopy!
~ Valdine Wingfield to Walter Wingfield.
No. You looked remakely a lot like my dear husband when he was a much younger man.
~ Valdine Wingfield to Leon Pitofsky who bears younger resemblance to Walter Wingfield.
Oh my Lord. Than it's true. You, you are my son.
~ Valdine Wingfield after discovering that Leon Pitofsky is her true biological son.
I'll tell you who he is. He is a grifter! He is a shyster that just been freeloading in this house for a solid year!
~ Valdine Wingfield as the Wingfield family began to kick out Gilly Noble.
You don't get it? What, did your adoptive mother drop you on your head?"
~ Vadine Wingfield to Leon Pitofsky.
Shut up Walter! Ow! Christ!
~ Valdine Wingfield ignoring her husband's plea to slow down with her speeding.
You did this! I'm gonn kill you! You...
~ Valdine Wingfield, attacking her son Leon before having her first stroke.
Blow it out your a$$, Walter!
~ Valdine Wingfield (now a stroke victim) to Walter Wingfield.