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The Vahki are characters from the LEGO BIONICLE series. They are similar to the concept of police and were designed to keep peace throughout the city of Metru-Nui. However, when the Makuta Teridax took control of Turaga Dume, the Vahki were convinced to work otherwise.

There are six models of Vahki, each assigned to a Metru. They carry various types of blades/staffs which allow to control Matoran which they were designed to protect, but instead, result in Matoran disappearing.

The Vahki are somewhat insect-like. They have often carry various blades with unique powers. Their heads have built in disc launchers.

The Vahki have heads with long and sly looking eyes which vary in color according to the type of Vahki. They have helmets with spike-like points around the chin area along with points on the back of their heads which also vary in color. The spikes on their helmets resemble the concept of elephant tusks.

The Vahkis' torsos have built in gears which allow their arms to swing from left to right which makes them dangerous and powerful fighters. The top part of their torsos is designed to appear as if it is the normal appearance of a Vahki while they are in four-legged mode. Their arms have no hands with their blades built in.

The Vahki appear spider-like when the convert into their four-legged mode.

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