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Vader is a minor antagonist on the Smosh youtube franchise. He only appeared in "Vader and Me". Ian Hecox found him lost on the side of the road and Ian took him as a "pet" as he looked hungry. However, Anthony Padilla doesn't want him in the house and only reluctantly permitted Ian to keep him after Vader strangled him with the power of the Force. Anthony's father was killed by Vader. (a reference to the original Star Wars series). Ian and Vader began to hang out as seems that they are best friends which made Anthony jealous. Vader pooped on the rug and was reprimanded by Anthony but Vader cut his hand with a light saber. Vader died when he turned 40. Apparently, 40 years is very old in "Vader years". He was the flushed in the toilet like a goldfish. Ian became sad but Anthony brought him another Vader to cheer him up but the Vader died out immediately seconds after entering the house.

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