What kind of ridiculous backstory is that?! I exist because of humankind's constant pollution of the environment! I am Vaccine Man!
~ Vaccine Man's Introduction

Vaccine Man is a villain from One Punch Man. He is the very first villain Saitama faces in the series and is said to be a Dragon level threat. Formed from the pollutions on Earth, Vaccine Man is determined to extinguish humanity from existence.


Vaccine Man appears as a regular, yet muscular, humanoid figure. He has two antennas from his forehead and veins across his entire body.

In his enhanced form, he gains spikes all over his body, sharp, long teeth and claws. His size also increases to great heights.


Vaccine Man shows up causing mass destruction, leveling up an entire city with his powers. When he's about to kill a child, Saitama shows up and save the kid. Vaccine Man claims he was born from the desires of Mother Earth, and that humans are a disease which is killing the planet and must be eradicated. He gets enraged when Saitama tells he is a hero just for hobby, transforming into a more demonic form and attacking Saitama, who pulverizes him with a single punch.


  • His appearance bears a striking resemblance to the Dragon Ball Z character, Piccolo.
    • Ironically, his English voice actor, Christopher R. Sabat, provides the voice for both characters, who would later on voice the My Hero Academia hero, All Might.