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V (short for Vasuki) is a secret organization and is one of the bigger bads of Tokyo Ghoul. V is an unknown organization of ghouls that appears to have operated in secrecy and operates mainly in the shadows and is very illusive. They appear to be at odds with the Aogiri Tree and their leader, Eto and The One-Eyed King and they want to kill him and destroy Aogiri in an effort to maintain their "balance" that Aogiri has appearntly been destroying.



V has a very mysterious history considering the lack of information known about but V first appeared to Yoshimura where he found him young, desparate, and alone where he was reached out by Kaiko, a V member, and was eventually recruited into the organization and acted as V's Cleaner and did their dirty work. Eventually however, he met Ukina, a human waitress, and fell in love which caused him to leave and defect from V which costed Ukina's life but not before Eto was born. Eventually, Yoshimura turned into his kakuja armor and slaughtered countless V members in revenge. At another point in time, Rize Kamishiro escaped from V and fled until she ran into Matasaka Kamishiro and he adopted her.

Present Day

At present day time, Kaiko meets Yoshimura and talks to him. Kaiko gives Yoshimura one last chance to join V again and give up Eto as well as mention the collapsiong balance because of Aogiri. Yoshimura rejects his proposal and in response, Kaiko tells him to die and leaves after saying that he's in a "birdcage". 

Notable Members