Utgard was a God Warrior of Odin in 1990.


Utgard was shown to the public as a mysterious warrior, and many fans thought he was a character of the past series. Only when Dohkohit him, this face showed a new character.


Utgard have known about Loki possessed Andreas to rule in Asgard. So, he committed suicide to Odin revives him as an Einherjar, to keep the God Robe of Odin.

He continued a servant of Odin, and simulate Andreas loyalty. In the fight against Dohko, he voluntarily breaks the Statue of Deads in his chamber, to harms Yggdrasil development.

He kills Lifya to Odin possess her, and Frodi gets angry of him, and kill him, but only after this, he finds the Odin's God Robe in his body, and knows about Lifya and Odin relationship.