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The Utahraptors are minor villains in the Teen Titans episode Kole.


After the Teen Titans fell under the ice of the Arctic Circle, they arrive in a land where dinosaurs still living and rapidly encounter a pack of Utahraptors. Beast Boy takes their form and attempts to speak with them, but he only manages to confirme that they want to eat them. The Utahraptors then attack the Titans and fight against them. Robin manages to defeat many of the dinosaurs and Cyborg is attacked by one of them, but he uses his Sonic Cannon to beat him. Raven and Starfire fight the Utahraptors valiantly by using their powers, and Beast Boy transforms into a Tyrannosaurus but the pack pounces on him and overwhelms him. Cyborg then shoots with his Sonic Cannon to create a crevasse under some of the Utahraptors, making them fall into it, however they manage to get out by climbing. Starfire arrives and throws starbolts at them, but they counterattack by spiting saliva on her. The pack then surrounds the Titans, however Kole and Gnarrk appear and manage to defeat the Utahraptors, which flee away.


  • The battle between the Utahraptors and Beast Boy transformed into a Tyrannosaurus is an allusion to the battle between The Big One and Rexy at the end of the first Jurassic Park film.

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