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    The BEST Films of 2017

    December 30, 2017 by AustinDR

    1) Get Out: I loved the twist of the movie in part because I wasn't expecting it. It is truly sinister in some scenes, especially when it comes to the extent of the Armitage Family's depravity. The acting was also great, but I wouldn't consider it the best at social commentary.

    2) Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2: Several awesome scenes, and Ego was one of the best villains of the MCU by far. It's pretty disturbing how evil this immortal Celestial truly is, what with siring several children and then killing them if they hadn't shown traits of his powers.

    3) Spider-Man: Homecoming: Again, the villain was great. He had an understandable motivation for what he was doing, and the moments where the Vulture slowly began to figure out that Peter was Spi…

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    The WORST Films of 2017?

    December 28, 2017 by AustinDR

    1) Death Note: Really, making a live action film off of a famous manga and anime is almost a guarantee for a movie to fail. I'm a more passive watcher of the original Death Note anime, so I wasn't really as enraged by the film in the same way that more hardcore fans of the source material would be. The acting is terrible other than for Willem Dafoe who provided the voice for the apple-loving Shinigami Ryuk. As for the rest of the film, the rules for how the Death Note was to be used was really confusing. For instance, it establishes that you need to know the person's name and face in order for their death to be carried out. However, the problem comes when Light gets L's assistant to find some documents on L...despite the fact that it was a …

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    Complete Monsters of 2017

    December 26, 2017 by AustinDR
    1. Rose Armitage (Get Out): Personally one of my favorites that I had gotten upvoted. Rose at first seems to be a nice young woman who genuinely loved Chris, and was always supportive of him. However, she's revealed to be a sociopath who takes immense satisfaction out of forming false relationships with black men (and a black woman in one case) before sending them to her father to be experimented on. The twist is confusing with basically the white person's essence being implanted into a black body, but other than that, the reveal of Rose being the villain was actually pretty good because she didn't give off that impression that she was truly evil to begin with. And no, there is no indication that she was hypnotized or conditioned by her parent…
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    Last Jedi (Spoilers)

    December 18, 2017 by AustinDR's my thoughts about the Last Jedi. Overall, I had mixed opinions on it. It was no means as bad as what others are making it out to be. At least, I see it that way. For the most part, as I have stated in my non-spoiler review, I had a few things that I did like about the film. For instance, the action scenes constantly had me on the edge of my seat. The best one, however, was when Holodo actually rams Snoke's flagship with lightspeed. It was visually amazing as well as haunting as it truly showed the extent of what lightspeed could do. I also found myself liking Ben more in this film. In his own twisted way, he had grown to value the bond he made with Rey via the Force, and the one scene that I personally consider the best was whe…

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    Last Jedi (Review)

    December 16, 2017 by AustinDR

    So...Last Jedi. It was honestly an okay movie. Not great, but I did enjoy it. Namely, what I did love about the movie were the action scenes. They were flashy, very creative. I also did like how Poe was almost like a surrogate son for Leia after Ben was seduced to the dark side. Though those are some of the few things that I legitimately liked about the movie.

    Now on the subject on the plot line...I honestly had no issue with following the plot. Well, there was that one scene with Rey going into a hole that leads to some surreal imagery. Maybe there was a bigger point to it all, but I do not know. The only real plot points I can think of that made me pause was when Luke first meets Rey. He asks her about the whereabouts of Han Solo, but it …

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