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Galactic Overlord Dark Lord
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July 8, 2010
  • I live in Ripley, MS
  • I was born on May 15
  • My occupation is Student at Blue Mountain College

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  • AustinDR

    Lights Out (Review)

    September 4, 2016 by AustinDR

    Lights Out is a 2016 horror film that was based on the 2013 short film of the same name. The film in question revolves around Rebecca, a young woman who had had a falling out with her mother. What's eerie about her mother is that there seems to be some dark force plaguing her. It manifests as a monster that is only visible in the absence of light. Upon further investigation, Becca discovers that the monster in question used to be a young girl, named Diana, and that she attended the same mental institution that her mother was attending for her depression. However, Diana is killed when an experiment goes awry, thus causing her to become a vengeful ghost.

    What you may not know is I love horror films; horror films provide you with a boost of adr…

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  • AustinDR

    Don't Breathe (Review)

    August 28, 2016 by AustinDR

    Don't Breathe is a 2016 horror film about three delinquents breaking into an elderly man's house when they learn that he had received a $300,000 settlement after his daughter was accidentally killed in a car accident. They realize that the elderly man (who's apparently named Norman Nordstrom, according to the director) is completely blind, so it seems he's an easy target. As they'll soon find out, they'll learn not to mess with the grandpa.

    Much like Lights Out, this was another horror film that I absolutely wanted to see. The trailers alone made me invested in seeing it. After I had seen it, I thought it was pretty good, but I did have a few problems with the film.

    One of the problems that I had with the film was, in fact, the characters. It'…

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  • AustinDR

    Today is My Birthday

    May 15, 2016 by AustinDR

    I'm now 19 years old.

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  • AustinDR

    Top Bad Mothers

    May 2, 2016 by AustinDR

    Since it's almost close to Mother's Day (for the U. S. that is), I thought that it would be morbid fun to see who are your top "Bad Mothers from fiction." Essentially, they could either have to be CMs, or just villainous. Though, preferably, CMs.

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  • AustinDR

    1. Bill Cipher (Gravity Falls): As I had mentioned before, Gravity Falls is my absolute favorite show. Originally a being of pure chaos who inflicted an apocalypse on his home dimension, Bill was introduced in the season one episode "Dreamscapers" when he was summoned by Li'l Gideon as an attempt of getting the deed to the Mystery Shack. Bill is a one-eyed, triangular creature with a black top hat and a bow tie. Bill is referred to as a Dream Demon, though in actuality, he's more akin to a cosmic horror out of H. P. Lovecraft's works. In Weirdmageddon 3, Bill explains that his original dimension was two dimensional, which drove him crazy. After "liberating" his dimension, he was intending on doing the same thing to the Earth, though he really…

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