Hello everyone, Editor Player 1 reporting, i will star this new post about villains, and i will make more in coming, i will speak about the 5 most darkest villlains, in western animation.

1. Utrom Shreeder. (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003)

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Alright, TMNT (2003 version), was my favourite show, and of course, this version of shreeder is between the most darkest that i ever see, from trying to destroy his own kind to all the reality, was pretty dark, and in other hand is easily one of my favorites versions.

2. Dick Hardly (The Powerpuff Girls)

Dick Hardly

The Powerpuffs Girls is easily one of the best show of Cartoon Network, this guy is by far, the most wicked of all the villains, a wannabe Brat who want to get money and attention, he goes to extreme, when he try to outright murder the girls and Proffesor utonium, which say a lot.

3. Lon (Sendokai Champions)

Lon, Armadura Nero

By anyone, who hasn't see the show, see it, I recommend you, Lon is easily the most darkest villain of the series, while at first, I sympathize with him a little, because his parents separete them, he latter became in a utter obssesed maniac, who lives for himself and his power. his also by far, the only sucessful villain of his series, putting the second season in a Downer ending/Cliffhanger, and is awesome.

4. Dag (Barnyard)


By far, I will say, he is dark, Dag appear in the 2003 nickelodeon movie Barnyard, and by far he's pretty wicked one, a sadictic coyote, who cares only for sadism and greed, he by far one of the villains of nickelodeon close too....

5. Dark Danny (Danny Phantom: The Ultimate Enemy)

S02M02 Dark Danny shows up

"Some things....are better left unsaid".

Ohhh Yes, Dark Danny is in the top of list of darkest villains, because his introdutcion, the story behind his creation (Reborn?), and his deadly powers, overall, The episode was my favourite of all the time and the most darkest of all.

With that close this list, so, What do you think, what you believe is the most darkest villain of all the times, comments as you please.

Have a Nice Day :-)