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May 12, 2010
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"When the first tear was shed I had already gained victory, when the first life form gave into despair I was crowned.. they begged for release but that can never be.. for only the living can suffer.. and suffer they shall.."

You have stumbled upon the page of Queen Misery - formerly retired but now re-active admin on Villains Wiki.

If you have problems please leave me a message, if you wish to troll me or cause problems or generally be a pest go right ahead but don't expect to stay long.

This wiki may be about villains but we do like to keep order - so if you wish to contribute well and find the same joy in the "dark side" as many others on the site do, welcome.

Also, if you are wondering, yes I am a female - I'm also mixed-race (mostly "black") and have been on this wiki for a long time.. as such I know a thing or two about keeping this place "tidy" : I'd much prefer not to however so do try and play nice with others.

Misery and Related Media

(the following is media I've made surrounding my (fictional) character, Queen Misery - the embodiment of emotional turmoil) 

  • Name: Misery (known by innumerable alternate names / guises across space/time)
  • Age: Primordial
  • Species: Absolute / Primordial One
  • Role: embodiment of emotional torment
  • Powers: universal control over emotional torment, near omnipotence - eternal (universal concept).
  • Influence: Universal
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil

  • Oblivion (Misery's consort)
  • Rot (Misery's "daughter")
  • Evil (Misery's "mother")
  • the many faces of Misery
  • a planet under the process of becoming a "Misery Zone"
  • Sorrow (neutral aspect of Misery)
  • Melachony (Misery's realm)
  • yet more faces of Misery
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