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July 15, 2011
  • I live in Morayfiled
  • My occupation is Video Game's, MLP FiM and Nintendo
  • I am Male (Human or Pony)

Cpend 7 agito90 style by masteragito90-d6xanzl

Full Name
Colin J.r. Pendergast, coolcpendlol and Cpend
Make YouTube Videos, Making Pictures on DeviantART, Make YTP's with Sony Vegas
Destroy all Troll's, Bullies and Everything that he Hate's
Type of Villain
Protagonist Villain, Anti-Hero, Leaders
Ask you Know I'm Really a Good User in Every Internet
~ Cpend7
 Cpend7 is one of the Main Protagonist in Every on the Internet. Everytime Cpend have some a Good Times that he Doing Heroic Stuff but when he was Anger or Temper he Will Kill Everything that he See's and Always have some Villainous Acts.


Powers and Abilities

Break the 4th Wall

Cpend can use to Break the 4th Wall like Deadpool.

Black Screen of Death

Like Psycho Mantis when he says "Black Screen!" after in 3 Secs the Screen is Become Black and shows a Green Text called "CIDEO" in 6 Secs the Screen is Back that Cpend can Teleport that can make a Trick.


Cpend can Read at Heros and Villains Info of thier Characteristics, Powers and Weakness. Speical he can Read at Someone's (Your) Computer that he know about the Memory in the Computer.

Deal Maker

Cpend can make a Deal for make a Good Deal or a Bad Deal.


After when he was Anger he will become a Fire that he can Throw, Summon and Control Fires.


He can Multiple 3 to 8 to make a Clones that it Look like Him but the Clones is Weak by Every Attacks.


Cpend can use to Control Objects and Projectiles.

Dual Personalities

Cpend have some Dual Personalities unlike Flippy from Happy Tree Friends Cpend is become a Chaotic Neutral to Lawful Neutral that will Change his Personalities.


Cpend can use the NOCLIP to Pass Thourgh Wall's and Projectiles.

Weapons and Items



  • If there's No Memory Data on Everyone's (Your) Computer Cpene get 10% Weak
  • Cpend is Weak by his Hated like The Bullies from Elfen Lied and Other that he Hates


List of Villainous Acts

  • Cpend is use the Team Called Anti-SOPA to Kill and Destory Lamar S. Smith and SOPA to make the Internet Free.
  • He Likes to Steal Eveything like Money's, Golds and Other Jewellery (Why? He Loves Moneys).
  • Cpend use to Parodying at 1930's Dracula and Dark Helmet to become as the Main Antagonist.
  • Cpend use his Kill Goals to Deal to Killing at other People that he Anger or Hates




Sonic Form

MLP FiM Form

Kill Goals (Not in Real Life)


You Seem you like to Play Team Fortress 2 did you?
~ Cpend use his Mastermind to Read Someone (Your) that you have Team Fortress 2
Stupid Trolls those Idiots will be Gone Forever!
~ Cpend words of the Internet Trolls
I Can Read People's and Users Minds. In my Lifetime, i have read the pasts, presents and futures of Billions upon Billions of Male and Female...
~ Cpend words of his Minds
What?!? Where's Your Memory? Where it just Saved? Where's is your Data?!? Damn your so Smarted...
~ Cpend thinks that's The Player (You) Don't have the Memory Card



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