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Balthus Dire

aka Rémi

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March 27, 2010
  • I live in Paris
  • I was born on March 8
  • I am Male
Nébuleuse de la tête de cheval
I'm a French guy who happens to be rather fluent in English and who also happens to enjoy villains, so when I discovered this wiki...

Nothing else to say about me that could be remotely interesting I'm afraid.

Some drawnings of villains I've made and scanned

Ganon humanoïde (dessin)

Ganon's most common aspect given a Ocarina of Time-like vibe

Ganon animal (dessin)

Ganon as seen in Hyrule Warriors, with the eye in the arm and the beak-like mouth open

Ganondorf (dessin)


My artwork of Koren

Koren, Wizard of the Crimson Lotus


the Dark Lich

Drawning of Zanbar Bone

Zanbar Bone the Night Prince

Voïvod le Dévastateur (drawing)

Voivod the Waster, a drawning I had to use for the article due to the lack of proper picture

Zagor (fanart)

Oldoran Zagor, under his aspect of a Demon warlock

Mordraneth (fanart)

Mordraneth, the Supreme Necromancer

Comte Reiner Heydrich

Count Reiner Heydrich

Drawning of Ultimecia

Sorceress Ultimecia

Drawning of Final Ultimecia

Sorceress Ultimecia's final form... quite the Eldritch Abomination

Légion (self-made fanart)


Legion's true form (fanart)

Legion's true demonic form

Lord Voldemort (dessin)

Lord Voldemort (drawing based on the books' descriptions)

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