Urpgor is a recurring antagonist in the cartoon series The Dream Stone.


Urpgor was a green Urpney with green skin and purple hair who served as Zordrak's chief scientist. He was first introduced in the second episode. Besides his green skin, he was distinct from the other Uprneys in that he wore a lab coat and black pants and threen pairs of glasses on his long nose. He also had no spots on his nose, unlike the other Urpneys. Although he claimed to serve Zordrak faithfully and constantly kissed up to him, Urpgor was secretly always plotting to overthrow his master. Zordrak was aware of this, but did little about it most of the time, apparently because he considered Urpgor's scientific knowledge useful.

Urpgor had a massive ego, possibly more than any other Urpney. He resented that Zordrak always entrusted his inventions to the incompetent Sergeant Blob and his two sidekicks, Frizz and Nug. He also had a heated rivalry with Blob, hating any time Zordrak compliment the Sergeant and always vying for the Nightmare Lord's approval, and, once even asking Zordrak why he hadn't executed Blob for failure like he had Captain Crigg. Zordrak responded that among other reasons, Urpneys in general could be counted on to be dumb and clumsy, and if he killed Blob he'd be wasting the closest thing he had to competent leader. Nevertheless, Zordrak once promised he'd allow Urpgor to kill Blob when the Sergeant had outlived his usefulness, which delighted the evil scientist.

He almost never takes a direct role in Zordrak's schemes, instead back in the fortress of Viltheed with Zordrak while Blob, Frizz and Nug go out and do all the hard work (he can however be motivated enough to taking missions himself at times, especially if a means to upstage Blob). A sadist, he enjoyed making other Urpneys suffer, using them as guinea pigs in his experiments, usually in ways that made them submissive to him, so he could feel more like a ruler. Consequently, the other Urpneys greatly resented him, especially Blob, and his working relationship with him could best be described as vitriolic. Frizz and Nug hated him, too, possibly more than Blob, although they just considered him a nuisance and an annoyance. This generally led to a game of one upsmanship between the two fractions, with Urpgor and Blob's team constantly taking turns committing slapstick abuse onto one another.