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Chief of Security Urko was the main antagonist of the Planet of the Apes television series, a violent gorilla character in the tradition of Generals Ursus and Aldo. He had encountered astronauts before, we are told, and killed them immediately. He insisted on doing the same this time but Zaius wanted to question them first and demanded they be captured alive. Urko was foiled repeatedly by the cunning trio of outlaws, Galen, Virdon and Burke, despite the best efforts of his loyal

soldiers. He had a wife named Elta.

Urko (Animated)

Urko survived from the TV series but in a different incarnation. General Urko is greedy and ambitious and wants to destroy both the humans and the Underdwellers and take charge of Ape City himself.


In the earliest script treatments, the character was called "Ursus". This was still his name when Mark Lenard auditioned for the part in May 1974.[1] He was then going to be called "Urso", but the actor reportedly had difficulty saying this word through the makeup.[2]

Urko's horse was a beautiful white mare, 15 hands high, and about seven years old. Her real name was 'S

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