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Lights off, game on!
~ The Unwanted House Guest

The Unwanted House Guest (also known as "Never Alone", "Uninvited Guest", "Horrifying House Guest" or "Shadowlurker") is an image macro series featuring a pencil sketch of a creepy, ghost-like figure, with large, sunken eyes and a malicious smile.

The overlaid text generally contains micro-narratives referring to creepy and disturbing situations and mental images. A common motif used throughout these captions are stories or imagery that would keep one awake at night such as the fear of having to use the bathroom in the dark, having your feet exposed from the blanket, or hearing creaking noises outside your bedroom door.


The first drawing of the Unwanted House Guest was posted on June 28, 2011 to 4chan’s board. It shows him standing in front of the end of a bed, more than likely with a scared man in it. The picture soon generated over 200 image replies with captions placed on the original artwork.

In 2016, the original artist began uploading new pictures of the Unwanted House Guest to his/her personal tumblr, also releasing a series of original songs and music videos. While the artist remains anonymous to this day, he/she asserts that the Unwanted House Guest is their legitimate identity, and refers the original image as a "self-portrait."

In popular culture


"Leg's hanging off the edge of the bed? It's MINE now!"
"Pillow falls to the floor at night. Go ahead, I dare you to get it!"
"Hear your roommate in the next room. Isn't he out tonight?"
"Light switch all the way down the hall. Let's play!"
"That's definitely just the floorboards creaking... not my footsteps."
"Running up the basement stairs? I love a good race!"
"Heater turns off. Dead silence. My time has come!"
"Wake up with drool on your pillow? It wasn't your drool."
"Haven't seen me in a while? I've seen you just fine."
"You think Slenderman is scary? At least he stays outside."
"Shut the door and close your eyes. I'm waiting to hear your screams and cries."
"Did the power for the whole house just go? How strange..."
"Who you gonna call? No one, I cut the phone lines!"
"Why's the TV back on? You most certainly turned it off..."
"Don't remember leaving that there? I do!"
"While you were reading this, I slipped into your room!"


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