Raynar Thul vanished with the Crash.
~ UnuThul

UnuThul (born Raynar Thul) was one of the main antagonists of The Dark Nest Trilogy.


Raynar Thul was originally an unusually flamboyant Jedi Padawan who was often an antagonistic rival to the other Padawans, Jacen and Jaina Solo, Tenel Ka Djo, and Lowbacca. Eventually, Raynar and the other Jedi grew closer.  

After the Yuuzhan Vong invaded the galaxy, Raynar took part in the Myrkr mission that led to the death of Anakin Solo and the capture of Jacen Solo. In the mission, Raynar was taken captive by the Sith Lomi Plo. In the ensuing crash, Raynar was severely injured. Not only was his face scarred, but the crash left a permanent mark on his mental state. Shaken by the trauma of the Yuuzhan Vong War, Raynar succumbed to the dark side and became the leader of the Colony (a society of Killiks). The former Jedi shed away the name Raynar Thul and became UnuThul.  

Unbeknownst to UnuThul, Lomi Plo had, also, been absorbed by the Killiks and became the Unseen Queen of the Dark Nest. Under her influence, UnuThul became antagonistic, purposefully provoking war with the Chiss. Using his extraordinary powers, UnuThul called the other Myrkr survivors with him. Jaina Solo and Zekk, in particular, were absorbed as part of the Colony. Another veteran Alema Rar, however, turned to the dark side and became Lomi Plo's apprentice, seemingly replacing Welk, who was killed by Jedi Master Luke Skywalker.  

Following the death of Welk, UnuThul got it into his head that the crisis had passed, an idea encouraged by Alema, who was serving as agent of Gorog. UnuThul was eventually confronted by Luke Skywalker. In the ensuing battle, Lomi Plo was killed amd UnuThul (now Raynar Thul once more) was captured and returned to Coruscant. Simultaneously with this, Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo dueled Alema and left her for dead.   

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