Now, all your nightmares will come true here. All of them.
~ The Unspeakable One threatens Rimmer
It is you who created me, nurtured me, help me grow strong. I am the part of you that hates yourself. I am your self-loathing.
~ The Unspeakable One
Hand over the worm and your lives will be spared. My quarrel is not with you. It's with that excremental smear who cowers amongst you. If you attempt to shield him, then I shall unleash the full terrible fury of my hooded hordes against you. You have ten minutes.
~ Unspeakable One's request to the crew

The Unspeakable One, also known as Self-Loathing Beast or Rimmer's Lust Monster is the main antagonist from the Red Dwarf episode Terrorform.

He is portrayed by Chris Barrie.


The Unspeakable One is created soon after Rimmer and Kryten land on the Psi Moon which reshapes itself to mimic Rimmer's mind and all his personal neuroses get physical form, with the Unspeakable One as their leader. His druids then kidnap Rimmer who isn't a Hologram anymore, bring him to the dungeon where he is chained to the wall and oiled by two maids to "to increase his electrical conductivity."

When Rimmer is ready, the maids sound the gong and leaves. Suddenly, the Unspeakable One emerges from a pit in the floor. He reveals Rimmer that he is actually his self-loathing - the part of him that hates himself. He is then is about to torture his victim with a branding iron that looks like H, but is attacked by the rest of the crew with bazookoids. They don't harm him at all, but force him to return back to his pit. After that, Rimmer's chains disappears, his uniform returns and he becomes a Hologram again.

The crew returns to the Starbug, but can't take off. They suddenly hear the Unspeakable One's voice, which tells them to give him Rimmer and he will let him go. If they refuse, he will send his "hooded hordes" against them. The crew doesn't want to give up their friend, so they manage to increase his confidence and make him feel wanted. Meanwhile, the Unspeakable One sends his minions - Bitterness, Self-doubt, Mistrust and Loneliness - to kill the crew. However, Rimmer's feels better this time, as his friends really care about him, which revives his self-respect and self-confidence, who defeat the Unspeakable One's army.

After the crew leaves the Psi-Moon, the Unspeakable One probably disappears.


  • The propmakers worked for weeks on the puppet of the Unspeakable One, before the director Juliet May decided to show only some parts of the monster (claws, legs and tail), inspired by the movie Alien where the creature is hardly seen.
    • Its look is seen only as a shadow.
  • It is resistant to bazookoid fire.
  • Its voice is provided by Chris Barrie, who also plays Rimmer.