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Unosuke famous scene

Unosuke is main villain of Akira Kurosawa's blockbuster movie Yojimbo (1961) is one of three brothers who terrorized people in small town and he is an excellent gunslinger.

He was portrayed by Tatsuya Nakadai.


Unosuke and his brothers Ushitora and Inokichi ruled small town and rival with another mafia gang Seibê , a borther owner and his wife with iron fist where Ushitoia head of the city and apparoced by corrupt people include Tazaemon who is puppet and mayor. Unsokue killed officials who oppressed the town 's corruption until a materless and nameless samurai Sajibo came town when he was hired by Ushitora who convinces Sebiai and killed three swordsmen which impressed Ushitora.

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