Villainous Young Woman
This unnamed young woman was a villainess in the 2012 film Werewolf:  The Beast Among Us. She was shown in the beginning of the movie running in fear before reaching a house nearby. The house the home of a couple and their son, Charles (the main protagonist of the movie), and she was knocking at their door panicking over the full moon rising. While outside, the woman transforms into a werewolf and kills the couple's horse. She later crashes into the house and kills both of Charles' parents and slowly moves closer to Charles, who unties the chandelier, which falls on her and kills her. The werewolf reverts to her human form before dying, and the entire house is later engulfed in flames. Charles escapes, but the tragedy is what leads him to become a hunter of werewolves.

The young woman was played by Romanian actress Iulia Cirstea.