The Unnamed Prisoner (right) fighting the protagonist.

The Unnamed Prisoner is a minor antagonist in Mafia II, alongside two equally anonymous henchmen - he is an inmate at the prison where the protagonist is being held and encounters him during a communal shower scene: when most of the other prisoners are gone the Unnamed Prisoner makes a deal with an obviously corrupt guard, who leaves the room and the Unnamed Prisoner proceeds to try and rape the protagonist (who is also male) alongside his two partners-in-crime.

The Unnamed Prisoner seems to be a repeat offender and even mocks the protagonist when he stands up to him, engaging in a physical confrontation: this does not end well for the Unnamed Prisoner, who quickly learns that unlike his many other victims the protagonist is more than able to beat him *and* his henchmen down - the Unnamed Prisoner presumably returned to his cell severely beaten, though it is unknown if he continued his crimes after this point or not.