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This a Major Elite was a villain from Rise of the Spartans who commanded a small outpost with his Minors. More Majors were present during this battle.

When Brass used his HOLOGRAM to attempt to trick the Elites and ambush them, none of the Spartans went out to attack while the Elites were distracted. One of the Minors shot and eliminated the hologram, the Major then punched him calling him an idiot for being a fool.

Swift, Whisper and some other humans attacked the Major's outpost and fought alongside his Minors. When the Spartans managed to get a Guass Warthog, the Major attacked it with his Focus Rifle but was sniped and killed by Whisper. Although another Major was present and shot Whisper when she ran out of ammo for her Sniper Rifle. The Major sneaked behind Swift when during his escape and attacked, but Whisper shot and killed him with her DMR.

When Whisper picked up the Major's focus rifle, two more Majors walked in with a squad of Minors. One of the Majors had a Plasma Cannon and shot at their Warthog but missed. When Swift killed some Minors with Energy Swords and one of the Rangers, the third Major with the Plasma Cannon appeared with two Minors following him and got into a position to attack Swift from. The Minors shot at Swift but he deployed his bubble shield then the two went with their swords to kill him. Whisper shot and killed the two, the Major then went out of hidding with his cannon and prepared to shoot at Swift. Although Whisper threw a grenade which killed the Major but his shots of the cannon were fired and hit Swift, knocking him out.