Unnamed Mombasa Officer

The officer with his shotgun

Sorry friend, but you know way too much.
~ The officer right before betraying the Rookie.

This unnamed officer was a member of the New Mombasa Police Department and an antagonist in Halo 3: ODST who worked for Commissioner Kinsler. 


Some time after the Covenant invasion of Earth, Kinsler sent this officer and a team into the Superintendent's Data Center. Except for this officer, all the team were killed on the way down and the officer encountered ODST Rookie on Sublevel 07. The officers objectives were to confirm Dr. Endesha's death at the hands of Kinsler, to kill the Engineer inside of the Superintendent's core, and to retrieve the AI's core data. However, the Superintendent locked all of the doors and data stacks, but the officer was now able to progress through the facility further with the Rookie's help. When reaching a frozen section of the Data Center, the Officer ordered the Rookie and went inside to inspect Endesha's corpse, although the Rookie followed him and caught the officer. The unnamed officer then told the Rookie of his true goals and stated the ODST would not be allowed to live with this information, so he quickly attacked the Rookie in an attempt to kill him. Although the Rookie was more superior than the officer, killing him in self-defense.


  • Should the Rookie not uncover the entirety of Sadie's Story, the Unnmaed MMPD Officer will be killed by Drones after becoming trapped in the room they are in by Vergil. Vergil does however hint at the MMPD Officer's corruption by saying "Crime doesn't pay".