Elite Honor Guardsman

A Halo Honor Guard Elite

You are nothing beneath that armor but a deluded soul guided from the one path we all share. Ragath will not permit you to command his ship.
~ Elite Honor Guard to an Ultra who believed he should command Ragath's ship
This unnamed Honor Guard Elite was a villain from Rise of the Spartans under Shipmaster Ragath's leadership.


The Honor Guard was one of Ragath's bodyguards and was stationed aboard his ship while he was on Halo. He assumed command of the ship while his master was gone but an Ultra denied his leadership and believed he should be the current ship's commander as the Honor Guard's duties are only to protect. While the Honor Guard believed the Ultra was too much of a low rank to command the ship. The Honor Guard backed away when the Ultra pulled out his sword, then the ultra said the Great Journey doesn't exist. Angering the guardsman, he murdered the Ultra and then took command of the ship.