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The unknown slave driver is a minor antagonist in tears to tiara 2. while their are other slave driver's in the game the that show more redeeming quality and does lest then the unknown slave driver witch no redeeming quality's the unknown slave driver relationship with his men are most of them serveing him and he is their boss other then that he does not care about them at all. in the day time he and his men pretend's to be merchants that sells stuff like food fur etc. to trick people into paying large amount's of money to put them in debt and manipulate them into becomeing slaves some of the slaves he sell's get's melted down while they are still a live and turned into mindless  golems for weapon's of war. After he was called out by Artio witch got the unknown slave driver into manipulateing Laclius and his men to attack Artio,Kletio,Dion,Enneads,the goddess of war Tarte and her sister Tanit,the main character Hamil,the elderly man Monomachus,and the little girl Charis. After the battle was over it turns out that the unknown slave driver was selling not only living people as slave's but also dead bodies he then kidnap Artio to start a other war between people that was already at peace with each other and on top of that their is already a war going on, he does this to take the dead bodies of those who fall in battle to make money of of them, later when the main characters decideed to go and fight him and his men he drugs Artio to the point were she is now a mindless killing machine, and forces her to attack her own friends,before he sell's her off as a slave in the end he get's killed by the main characters. he attack's with dagger's and use's element's aka magic to attack as well.he weres a black hood and sell's the slaves out side a peacefull town with out them knowing.

the only things the other's slave driver's did was force people to row a boat and  they did less then unknown slave driver he also has a bigger role then the others and he does more stuff then the other  slave drivers.