Universalamander is a gigantic robotic salamander with green skin and red eyes. He appears in Issue 4.

Universalamander was originally an ordinary, unintelligent salamander captured by Robotnik during a raid of capturing random animals. It was placed into a Roboticizer in the hopes that it could be made into a robot capable of defeating Sonic. However, an inept Buzzbomber working the controls accidentally activated the "enlarge" command (believing that the button actually activated the air conditioning), causing the creature to grow as it was trans-mutated into a robot. The result was Universalamander, a massive creature of immense power.

Universalamander traveled to Knothole Village, where it engaged Sonic in battle. Unable to defeat it, Sonic scrounged up the Chaos Emeralds and some Power Rings to trigger his Super form. Super Sonic quickly returned to Knothole, and recovered a reduce/enlarge component from the Roboticizer that had been used on Bunnie. With it, he was able to shrink Universalamander back down to normal size, then threatened to squash it under his foot, making it flee.

In the trade paperback Sonic Archives: Volume 5 featured a previously unprinted story titled "Everything Old is Newt Again", possibly intended for issue #17, in which Universalamander returns, this time having Robotnik install an "FX Flip" device on him that would cause him to grow even larger when absorbing a reducing ray like in the first story (and vice-versa). He is defeated here when Rotor shot him with an enlarging ray which caused him to shrink down to nothing.

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