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Unit 437 is a minor antagonist of Slendytubbies III.


It is a doird with one orange eye, gears on all his body and knives as hands.


As first it was a robot soldier sent to kill Yeti Tubbie and preventing him from reaching the Main Land. However, when Unit 437 realized that it couldn't defeat Yeti Tubbie, it decided to become his servant.


Slendytubbies III

It can be met in Chapter 2 if the player decided to escape from Tinky Winky through the Teletubbies Mountains. It will tell to White Tubbie its backstory and will explain him that now he chops the wood for Yeti Tubbie's fire and cooks the people for him. It also tells that it will kill and cook White Tubbie. When White Tubbie will try to escape,Unit 437 will pray him to not go, telling him that Yeti Tubbie will destroy it. It's unknown what happened then to Unit 437 but it's theorized that it was destroyed by Yeti Tubbie.