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The Unifeid Citizens is a global terrorist organization and an antagonist faction in Modern COmbat 4: Zero Hour. It was founded and led by Edward Page under the codename "Zealot" and seeks to bring down the world's superpowers and governments to create an anarchist "Utopia". After the events of MC 4 it is unkown of the organization's status however due to the death of Page and the destruction of their arctic research facility it is presumed to be disbanded.


The history of the organization is unknown however it is believed to have been established around the time of the near future and is made up of anarchists who seek to bring down all of the world's governments and create a "utopia" with no governments. Led by Edward Page, the Unifed Citizens led a massive global insurrection against the United States and Western Civilization. The organization was supported by Saunder's Global Security, a global military organization which was hired to protect world leaders and soon the SGS launched an attack on the city of Seattle and the C3 Summit and captured President Burke. 

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